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Toothbrush Abrasion and Grinding Teeth Repair

Patient came to us with some "dents" in her teeth. The "dents" around the gum line, also called abfractions, could be caused by a few reasons:
1. Toothbrush Abrasion: brushing hard and incorrectly with a hard brush
2. Grinding Teeth
Abfractions, are not actually cavities caused by decay and the usual reason for treatment are:
1. Sensitivity due to loss of tooth structure
2. Esthetic concerns, patient doesn't like the way the dents looks.
In this particular case, patient was experiencing a lot of sensitivity and didn't mind an esthetic upgrade, so we decided to treat the abfractions.
Matching to patient's dark tint and white stains were difficult but we think we did a pretty good job. Best part is, now patient can enjoy hot and cold foods without getting a "shock" every time.
Bethlehem Town Family Dental - Patient Testimonial
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