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Don't Forget to Schedule Your Child's Post-Halloween Checkup!

Post-Halloween Checkup | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NY

Halloween is less than two weeks, and many kids will be indulging in all the goodies that they can’t have during the rest of the year. There are different schools of thought about whether or not parents should let their child have any sweet treats. But if you plan to allow your little one to indulge, you must remember to schedule a post-Halloween checkup with their dentist.

Gum Disease Is a Problem for Kids Too

The reason you don’t let your child routinely eat candy is that you know it promotes tooth decay. But did you also know that kids are also at risk for gum disease just like you are?


In fact, ...

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Want to Significantly Reduce Your Child's Risk of Cavities? Talk to Us about Sealants!

Image of four children | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NY

What would you guess is one of the most common chronic diseases among children? Would you say asthma? Hay fever? 

The correct answer is dental caries (cavities), which is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. Studies conclude that 42 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 11 have had cavities in their baby teeth.

Dental Sealants to the Rescue!

You can do a lot to help minimize the risk of decay in your child including proper oral hygiene and routine visits to the dentist. But it can be difficult to keep certain teeth as clean as they should be, such as molars and ...

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Kids Aren't Immune from Dental Anxiety. We Can Help

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If you are an adult who is saddled with dental anxiety because of a stressful experience as a child, you know the impact it has on your life. You may skip routine appointments and your oral health inevitably suffers.

Tips for a Positive Experience

At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we believe every child deserves a life free of dental anxiety. We create positive experiences for children every day, and we have a few insights about what you can do as a parent to support our efforts.

  • Ask Us about “Happy Visits”:These low-key visits are meant to gradually introduce your child to the dental experience. Kids react to stress in unfamiliar circumstances just as ...

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The Reception Area is Becoming More Kid-Friendly!

Dentist in Glenmont NY

In our effort to make the reception area more kid-friendly, we have added a few games for kids to play and solve!  The younger kids can play with the Mega Blocks - First Builders toy while the older kids can play with the Perplexus puzzle solving maze game.  We also have the Finding Waldo books that are fun for all ages!  Now the parents can relax in the reception area while reading some magazines or watching their favorite TV channel.  

Don't forget, our young patients always get a visit to the treasure chest and have a chance to pick out some cool prices whenever they are here for a ...

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