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3 Unexpected Benefits of Modern Dentures

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Do you find it difficult to engage in life because missing teeth make it embarrassing to smile confidently? Are you wearing older dentures that no longer fit well and cause soreness and irritation?

In either case, you should know that customized dentures in Glenmont don’t just help you chew again; when designed by a skilled dentist, dentures also enhance your appearance and your comfort.

Reasons to Consider Dentures

Natural appearance – Like many people, you may resist the idea of dentures because they’re notorious for looking fake and unnatural. That may have been true decades ago when materials and technology were limited, but today dentists work closely with skilled lab technicians throughout the ...

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Dentures: Fact and Fiction

Dentures Selkirk NY

We know that the prospect of getting dentures for the first time can be a little demoralizing. Your goal for your smile was a full set of healthy, natural teeth that would last a long, long time.

But life happens, and things don’t always turned out as they were planned. If you are faced with getting new dentures, you can turn to our Selkirk dental office for help!

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about dentures based on what people think they know. This is because many people don’t know about the improvements dentures have gone through in the last 25 years. We want you to be correctly informed about denture ...

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Misconceptions About Dentures

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The decision to replace your teeth with dentures is a big one, and we understand that you may have questions or even misconceptions about the process. Modern dentistry has made many advances in the process of crafting and delivering dentures, so Dr. Henry Huang and his team at Bethlehem Town Family Dental are here to dispel the myths and confusion about dentures in Selkirk, NY.

"Everyone Will Know I'm Wearing Dentures"

Because of the high-quality craftsmanship at today's dental laboratories, you will be pleasantly surprised at how natural your new smile looks. Wearing dentures also restores the structure of your face, which may have had a sunken appearance due to your missing teeth. ...

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Improvements in Modern Dentures

dentures ravena ny

If you are looking for quality dentures in Ravena, NY, you probably have some questions about how they will fit, feel, and function.

Modern Dentures

Most patients have images of grandma’s dentures in a glass by the bed and their artificial, boxy appearance. You may also remember your grandparents using sticky adhesive pastes to keep them in place. We want you to erase that image from your mind. Modern dentures have come a long way in appearance and comfort since the time of grandma and grandpa.

We understand a lot more about the jaw and how it functions than dentists did even a few decades ago. This knowledge allows us to create dentures ...

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