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Tips for Keeping Your Smile Bright after Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NY

You just finished your take-home teeth whitening treatment, and you’re thrilled with the results! Now you need some tips for extending the brightness of your beautiful smile, so you get the most out of your treatment. 

Your Glenmont, NY cosmetic dentist offers several methods for boosting the brightness of your smile. We know the results can transform your smile and boost your confidence, so we want to ensure that you enjoy the beautiful results for as long as possible.

Tips for Keeping Your Smile Bright

You invested time and money into the teeth whitening process, so here are a few tips for getting the most out of your treatment.

Step Up Your Oral ...

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Are Your Teeth Causing Your Career to Stagnate?

Man with Tooth Pain | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glentown, NY

If you’re a millennial, you may find yourself up against a highly competitive job market and need to find ways to set yourself apart from everyone else searching for the same position. In some cases, this requires obtaining further education or learning a new skill to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers.

Is Your Smile Holding You Back?

One particular area that’s difficult for millennials is confidence in the appearance of their smile. A survey conducted by the American Dental Association found that a third of Americans aged 18 to 34 are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth; 28 percent feel the appearance of their teeth is holding back their career.

A ...

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5 Cosmetic Dental Problems We Can Solve with Porcelain Veneers

Woman Getting Veneers | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NY

Many people think about porcelain veneers and envision costly dental treatment available only to a lucky few. But times have changed! Technology and materials have now advanced to the point where veneers are a sensible option for many people who would like to do something about cosmetic dental flaws. 

How Porcelain Veneers Work

Porcelain veneers, also referred to as dental veneers, are designed to cover imperfections that affect the overall appearance of the smile. Veneers are made of high-quality ceramic that is customized just for your smile by using impressions of your teeth.

These ultra-thin shells of porcelain are bonded to the front surface of your teeth and can be shaped and designed ...

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Why Cosmetic Dentistry Continues to Gain Popularity

Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NY

Not too long ago, cosmetic dentistry was considered a luxury accessible only to movie stars, models, and celebrities. However, advances and improvements in materials and techniques make cosmetic dental treatments more affordable and attainable than ever before.

Improvements in Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Since materials have improved, we have many opportunities to address the aesthetics of your smile. Dental crowns can now be made of porcelain or ceramic because both materials mimic the appearance of natural enamel. Crowns are no longer simply restorations for damaged teeth; they can also be used to change the aesthetics of a tooth completely.

Tooth-colored fillings are another valuable addition to the array of cosmetic dental treatments. The ...

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Your Smile Makeover Options

Smile Makeover | Glenmont NY Cosmetic Dentist

Are you tired of living with a smile you don’t love? You want to look your best, and you know you need to change something. But which treatments should you choose to get the results you want?

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Henry Huang can assist you with an array of smile makeover options at our Belmar, NY dental office.

Everyone has different needs, so a smile makeover means different things to different people. Often, we can help you achieve your goals with one treatment, like professional teeth whitening. In other cases, we may need to combine several services to achieve the results you’re looking for.

  • Teeth whitening is a ...

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