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BTFD Dental Savings Plan - Designed for patients without dental insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

dentist glenmont nyUnfortunately, we have found this sales tactic to be very popular in corporate dental offices operating in chains and franchises.  At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we simply do not believe, and will not consider, in this type of business model.

Our Model is Based on Trust

Instead, we believe in building a strong trust with our patients and the community.  Every procedure we recommend will be explained and any procedure that could be considered preventive or optional will be communicated to our patients.  We believe healthy teeth are teeth that don't need any dental work.  

Picture of individual drinking soda | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NYThe simple answer is no. 

Moderation is Important

The important part about controlling sugar intake is the frequency of exposure to sugar.  While we strongly advocate the elimination of sodas, sports drinks, and candies, we understand we need sugar to survive. 

The Thirty Minute Rule

If you had to drink a cup of coffee with sugar, we recommend drinking that cup within 30 min to lower the frequency of sugar exposure.  Every sip or bite of something sugared will turn your mouth acidic and will take 30 min to return back to normal.  If you sip your coffee every 30 min you can imagine your mouth is acidic at all times.  This is also why sticky candies and candies that dissolve in your mouth are the worst culprits because they take a long time to eat.  

Rinsing After Sugar Intake

On top of limiting the frequency of exposures to sugar, we also recommend reducing sugar concentration and acidity of the mouth after the intake of sugar.  Ideally, you should brush your teeth, floss, and/or rinse your mouth with mouthwash after each exposure to sugar.  This is especially important if you had something sticky that will stay on your teeth for a while.  However, we understand not everyone has access and time to a brush, floss, and/or mouthwash every time you eat or drink.  We recommend at least rinsing your mouth with water after you eat or drink something with sugar to wash away some of the sugar and acids. 

Contact Us

If you feel you have negative impacts from your sugar intake, or you're due for a check-up, contact our office today! 

childrens dentist glenmont nyWe are proud to say that we treat patients of all ages in our office!  Our doctor had worked in an office that saw more than 50% kids for 3 years.  We have ceiling TVs and nitrous oxide sedation to help with treating kids and we constantly find ways to make the reception area more kids-friendly.  We also work closely with local pediatric dentists and will refer to them if the patient requires further sedation. Call today to schedule your child's appointment.

Image of sweets and other sugar filled foodsHow did I get a cavity?

Specific types of bacteria on your teeth would take in sugar that you eat or drink and convert the sugar into acids.  The acids that are released would dissolve your teeth and make them weaker.  As more minerals are dissolved away from your teeth, you would eventually get a hole, also called cavity.  At this point, your teeth are decaying as the bacteria multiply and this process just gets repeated as the hole gets larger. 

What can I do to prevent a cavity?

There are different stages of cavity depending on the progression of decay.  Unfortunately, once the “hole” is formed, the only option you have is to drill away the bacteria inside your tooth and fill the hole with a filling.  However, we can reverse the progress if you are still in the early stages of forming a cavity, this is called the demineralization stage. 

Teeth are made up of mostly minerals.  The acids released by bacteria causes your teeth to lose the minerals and making the teeth weaker.  This process creates areas called the demineralization zones on your teeth.  Fortunately, these areas can be remineralized again if it’s returned back to health by following the recommended protocols.  Remember, these protocols do not make your existing cavities go away, they also do not make you immune to cavities.  The caries prevention protocols simply lower your risk to getting more cavities by killing bacteria and making the teeth stronger.  

Dental Technology | Gelnmont, NYAt Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we’re proud to offer modern, state-of-the-art dental technology for our patients. Read on to learn more about all of our different offerings and how they benefit you. For a complete list of our technological features, please visit our technology page.

State-Of-The-Art Sterilization Center

Located right at the center of our office, our sterilization center ensures transparency of our sterilization protocols.  You can see exactly how we clean and sterilized our instruments as you walk through the office, we have nothing to hide!

Intra-oral Cameras 

Located in every treatment room,  intraoral cameras are used to take pictures of your teeth so we can show you the issues we see.  Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Ceiling-Mounted TVs and Plush Leather Dental Chairs

Located in every treatment room.  They are used for your entertainment and comfort while you lean back on the dental chair.  Time passes by faster when you are entertained and relaxed.

Nitrous Oxide Gas

Located in two of our treatment rooms nitrous oxide gas, also known as laughing gas is used for your relaxation.  It's often used for kids and for adults that requires an extra layer of comfort.  

Newest Composite (Tooth-Colored) Filling

These tooth-colored, natural-looking fillings are used for every filling we place in our patients.  We do NOT carry amalgam, or silver filling, in this office.


These are used on our pediatric patients and anxious patients to lessen the initial "poke" of injections.  The vibration from this device distracts the nerve endings around the injection site to ease the sensation of injection.  

Intra-oral caries detection camera

Located and used in our hygiene rooms, these cameras are able to detect the presence of bacteria inside the grooves of your teeth from the latest fluorescence technology.  When the grooves of your teeth have discolorations that resemble decay, or cavity, we use the camera to help us determine if it's decay or stain.

Portable Digital X-Ray

Our portable digital x-ray is used to take x-rays inside our treatment rooms so you don't have to get up and move to x-ray rooms in the middle of a procedure.  This is very convenient for procedures like root canal therapies. Digital x-rays in general also offers 60% less radiation than conventional film x-rays.

Intra-oral Scanner

This high-tech scanner is used to accurately scan teeth for fabrication of dental products such as crowns, bridges, and implants .  The scanner replaces traditional impressions to achieve faster processing speed from dental laboratories, better accuracy of dental products, and more comfortable visits.

Electric Handpieces with Fiber-Optic Illumination

These modern tools are used throughout our office to enhance our cutting capabilities when drilling teeth.  The electric handpieces cut faster, make less noise, and work smoother to enhance our work efficiency and your comfort.  


Velscope is used routinely in our office at recare visits to screen for oral cancer.  It utilizes fluorescent reflection of oral soft tissue to check for initial stages of oral cancer.  

Iso-dry Isolation System

This mouthpiece is used on almost every procedure we do in the office.  The mouthpiece provides isolation by helping you stay open, suctioning out water, and gently pushing away the cheek and tongue.  This disposable device ensures our dental work are done efficiently and effectively.

Soft tissue laser

This laser is used in special occasions to relieve extra gum tissue away from our work area, such as a crown preparation.  Laser allows immediate cauterization and disinfection of cut gum tissue to enhance recovery time and reduce inflammation.


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