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 Tooth-Colored Fillings Glenmont NY

We haven't posted a case study for a while so we are going to do some catching up!  From the picture below (image 1), the x-ray shows us 2 particular problems: 



Image 1

Tooth Colored Fillings Glenmont NY

1. Red circle shows cavity, or decay, on the root surface of the molar tooth, this is quite hard to reach because it's deep and below the gum.  

2. Blue circle shows an old silver, or amalgam, filling that has an overhang.  A filling overhang is where the filling material extruded out of the tooth and onto the gum, this problem will cause the gum to be chronically inflamed and ...

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What happens when you need a new filling to replace an old one?

Dental Sealants in Feura Bush, NY

What happens when you need a new filling to replace an old one? 

A new patient came in from Selkirk NY for a new patient exam, cleaning, and necessary x-rays.  Upon our examination, we found an old composite filling that is failing:

- the old filling is peeling away from the tooth, also called open margin

- the old filling has more decay underneath it, also called recurrent decay

- the old filling is flat and does not contour to the natural shape of the tooth

After our examination, we recommended a new filling for the tooth and the patient happily agreed.  Patient came in on a separate appointment to have the filling replaced.  The ...

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Molar Filling

Selkirk NY Dentist

We are posting a case here to show you what a cavity and a filling on a molar tooth looks like with our tooth-colored fillings.  Picture 1 below shows a small cavity that was opened up by a drill.  Before we opened it up, it was mimicking a stain in the grooves.  However, with the help of our decay detection camera CamX Spectra, we were able to pinpoint this "stain" as decay and get to work.  Picture 2 below shows the tooth filled with tooth-colored filling material, also called composite.  Making it look like nothing happened is our treatment goal and now the tooth is cavity free!

For more information on ...

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Successful Treatments from Conservative Dentistry!

Case 1:

The patient came to us for a second opinion because another dentist told him he requires a root canal therapy and a crown on tooth #14.  The tooth has large existing silver filling (amalgam) and a large recurrent tooth decay underneath the filling.  The other dentist isn't wrong to suggest a root canal therapy in this case because the decay is very close to the nerve.  However, the patient couldn't afford the large treatments at the moment but still wishes to save the tooth.  The patient and we discussed some options and we suggested to remove the decay and see if we can save the ...

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