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Update on Construction Progress

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We are excited to provide an update to the construction progress.  The construction is going very well and we are anticipating to finish construction around end of August.  We have had numerous patients contacting us for appointments and we apologize for unable to attend to your dental needs just yet.  We will start booking appointments on 7/27 and will starting treating patients around end of August.  We have quite an impressive office coming soon and we believe it will be worth the wait!  We thank you for your patience.  For more information, please feel free to give us a call!

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Construction officially began right before memorial day weekend!

Glenmont NY Dentist

The construction for our new dental office has officially started right before the memorial day weekend!  We are very proud of our progress and also very excited to continue the process.  We look forward to the grand opening date! Our current anticipated opening time frame is around the middle of August 2015.  Please continue to follow our progress and call us if there are any questions.  

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