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Why Visit the Dentist?

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When was the last time you visited the dentist? Maybe it’s been a while.

We understand. Life can get busy and it can be tricky trying to fit dental appointments into your schedule.

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis is pretty important, however. We’d like to tell you three reasons why you need to see a dentist regularly!

  1. Seeing a dentist regularly allows you to maintain your smile: Without regular care, problems like decay or gum disease can begin to creep up. Before you know it, the appearance and comfort of your smile begin to diminish. As in many other situations, dental maintenance is usually easier and far less costly than solving problems ...

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Rio Olympics

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The Olympics are in full swing! We must say that the ceiling mounted televisions have been a huge hit for this and our patients have been enjoying the big games from the comfort of the chair! 

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How Does Nitrous Oxide Sedation Help to Ease Dental Fear?

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If going to the dentist causes you to feel butterflies in your stomach, or fear in your heart, you're not alone! There are many patients out there who feel exactly like you do. At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we understand that many of our patients need a little extra care when they come to our office and that's why we offer dentistry with a gentle and compassionate touch to all of our patients. For folks who still need extra assistance getting through their procedures, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation. Here we'll share more information about sedation dentistry in Ravena NY.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a ...

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Improvements in Modern Dentures

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If you are looking for quality dentures in Ravena, NY, you probably have some questions about how they will fit, feel, and function.

Modern Dentures

Most patients have images of grandma’s dentures in a glass by the bed and their artificial, boxy appearance. You may also remember your grandparents using sticky adhesive pastes to keep them in place. We want you to erase that image from your mind. Modern dentures have come a long way in appearance and comfort since the time of grandma and grandpa.

We understand a lot more about the jaw and how it functions than dentists did even a few decades ago. This knowledge allows us to create dentures ...

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Successful Treatments from Conservative Dentistry!

Case 1:

The patient came to us for a second opinion because another dentist told him he requires a root canal therapy and a crown on tooth #14.  The tooth has large existing silver filling (amalgam) and a large recurrent tooth decay underneath the filling.  The other dentist isn't wrong to suggest a root canal therapy in this case because the decay is very close to the nerve.  However, the patient couldn't afford the large treatments at the moment but still wishes to save the tooth.  The patient and we discussed some options and we suggested to remove the decay and see if we can save the ...

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Successful Treatments!

At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we do the best we can to help patients solve their teeth-related problems.  Since we have before and after x-ray images of this case, we would like to show everybody what we did.

Image 1 - X-ray image before treatment.

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Image 2 - X-ray image showing various issues:

  • The red circle shows root decay, which means cavity on the root surface.  These cavities are very hard to treat as they go much deeper than regular cavities and are often below the gum.
  • The orange circle shows evidence of calculus, the ...

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