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Successful Treatments from Conservative Dentistry!

Case 1:

The patient came to us for a second opinion because another dentist told him he requires a root canal therapy and a crown on tooth #14.  The tooth has large existing silver filling (amalgam) and a large recurrent tooth decay underneath the filling.  The other dentist isn't wrong to suggest a root canal therapy in this case because the decay is very close to the nerve.  However, the patient couldn't afford the large treatments at the moment but still wishes to save the tooth.  The patient and we discussed some options and we suggested to remove the decay and see if we can save the ...

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Successful Treatments!

At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we do the best we can to help patients solve their teeth-related problems.  Since we have before and after x-ray images of this case, we would like to show everybody what we did.

Image 1 - X-ray image before treatment.

dentist ravena ny | dentist selkirk


Image 2 - X-ray image showing various issues:

  • The red circle shows root decay, which means cavity on the root surface.  These cavities are very hard to treat as they go much deeper than regular cavities and are often below the gum.
  • The orange circle shows evidence of calculus, the ...

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Happy Holidays!

Dentist in Glenmont NY

We will be open December 21st to December 23rd for those of you that have asked. For more information, feel free to call us today!

Warm wishes for a very happy and joyous holiday season!  



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The Reception Area is Becoming More Kid-Friendly!

Dentist in Glenmont NY

In our effort to make the reception area more kid-friendly, we have added a few games for kids to play and solve!  The younger kids can play with the Mega Blocks - First Builders toy while the older kids can play with the Perplexus puzzle solving maze game.  We also have the Finding Waldo books that are fun for all ages!  Now the parents can relax in the reception area while reading some magazines or watching their favorite TV channel.  

Don't forget, our young patients always get a visit to the treasure chest and have a chance to pick out some cool prices whenever they are here for a ...

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We Posted Some Office Pictures!

dentist glenmont ny

We have posted some office pictures!  You can access them in two ways:

  1. Go to the banner bar on top and find "About", go to the third option that says "Office Pictures"
  2. Go to the middle of the homepage and find "Tour the office" icon.

We are still making some tweaks and changes to the interior of the office.  Once everything is in place, we will obtain some professional photos and post them here. If you have more information, or would like to schedule an appointment, call our Glenmont, NY office today!

Thank you for viewing!

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Grand Opening and the First Week!

dentist glenmont ny

We are excited to announce our grand opening back on 10/5 (Monday) !  We had a great first week and we thank all the patients that have picked us and came to our office for their dental care.  We are proud to say that everybody had a great time and were impressed with the brand new office!  We would also like to thank all the contractors, dental equipment technicians, and our designer for giving us such an amazing office.  We are in the process of getting professional photos taken for the office and will be posting the pictures on the website for viewing.  We wish to continue providing excellent dental ...

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