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Why do I need to get my teeth cleaned and checked every 6 months ?

dental cleaning glenmont ny A Thorough Examination

When we do an exam, we check everything in the mouth thoroughly to screen for dental decay (cavities), periodontal disease, oral cancer, and any other abnormalities.   When we do a cleaning, we are removing plaque and tartar, also called calculus, on the teeth to reduce the amount of bad bacteria on the teeth that cause periodontal disease and dental decay.  

Preventative Care Saves You Trouble Later On

At the interval of every 6 months, new issues such as new cavities can develop and become observable in our exam and new plaque and tartar build-up can accumulate and requires removal.  It's always better to find problems early so they can be treated with a less invasive procedure.  For example, a small cavity found early may only need a small filling while a big cavity found late could require a root canal therapy and crown.  It's also better to keep the teeth tartar free as frequent as possible to avoid the bacterias that cause bad breath, inflamed gums, and bone loss.  Some patients may require a cleaning interval of 3-4 months because of their periodontal condition.  

Good Oral Health Affects Your Wellbeing

Good oral health is very important, not only does it affect your ability to eat, it also affects your general health.  Poor oral health has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, premature birth, and respiratory diseases.  Fortunately, most dental insurances allow an exam and cleaning and certain x-rays every 6 months.  Let's work together to maintain your overall health.  Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

Patient Testimonial:Bethlehem Town Family Dental - Patient Testimonial
Patient Testimonial:Bethlehem Town Family Dental - Patient Testimonial

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