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Why do dentists take so many x-rays ?

dentist glenmont ny X-Rays Detect Many Things

Dental X-rays are needed to detect dental decay (cavities), bone level, pathology, infections and status of existing dental work.  At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we have a system in place to determine what type and number of x-rays you may need at each recall appointment.  The system takes into account your risk for dental decay, periodontal disease, and other abnormalities and assigns a frequency for x-rays.  For example, if you are high risk for cavities, it means your chance of having a new cavity within 6 months is considerably high so we take a few x-rays every 6 months to screen for new cavities.  

New Patient Procedure

For new patients, we will determine the type and number of x-rays you need based on your current dental condition.  We do not just automatically take every single possible x-ray on every patient.  We follow the rule of A.L.A.R.A. (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) on radiation exposure very seriously.  

Your Safety is Our Concern

Rest assured, every x-ray taken in our office has a reason behind it and please feel free to ask us why.  Digital X-rays have come a long way and has truly minimized the amount of radiation used.  Please visit our "Digital X-rays" page to learn more.

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