Due to these uncertain times our office is temporarily closed from 03/18/2020 to 03/29/2020. While we have every intention to return March 30th we are unsure if this date will stand. Please keep up with us on Facebook and via email for any updates. Thank you for your understanding and take care!
Bethlehem Town Family Dental

I hear all these news about dentist using dirty instruments and I'm worried. How do I know your instruments are clean ?

dentist feura bush nhWe Hear Your Concerns

We have read the same news articles and we were shocked just like everybody else.  We take sterilization and infection control in our office very seriously.  In our office design, we strategically placed the sterilization center right at the center of the office so every patient who enters the office can visibly see the area.  

Our Sterilization Process

Sterilization center is where all the instruments are sterilized and go from the dirty (red) side to the clean (blue) side.  We are confident to show our sterilization protocols and we have nothing to hide.  Our sterilization center cabinetry is specifically designed by a dental manufacturer to make the sterilization process as efficient as possible.  We encourage every patient to ask for a tour of the office.

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