Tooth Colored Fillings in Glenmont, NY

It's easy to take healthy teeth for granted until something goes wrong. You can be proactive about your oral hygiene and dental care and still develop a cavity. 

Tooth-colored fillings are a conservative, aesthetically pleasing way to fix a damaged tooth. Using a composite material, we create beautiful fillings that can easily be color matched to the shade of your own teeth, resulting in a discreet repair.

Advantages of Using Tooth Colored Fillings

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One of the top reasons we recommend composite fillings is that we the shade of the filling can be matched closely to the color of your own tooth color. Dr. Henry carefully sculpts the material to match the contours of your tooth, creating a discreet repair that’s hardly noticeable.

On the other hand, amalgam fillings appear as dark spots on white dental enamel and will gradually stain your teeth over time, which can lead to teeth to taking on a dark, gray hue. 

Preservation of Tooth Structure

As dentists, we understand the importance of preserving the natural structure of your teeth. One problem with amalgam fillings is that they need a certain amount of bulk to make them strong enough to stand up to daily wear and tear. This means we have to remove more of the healthy portion of your tooth for an effective repair.

Since composite fillings bond directly to the tooth, they don’t need all the additional room. The result is that we don't need to remove a lot of the healthy part of your tooth to create a durable filling.

Long-Term Stability

Another disadvantage of using amalgam fillings is that they tend to fracture and can break the filling away from the edges of the tooth. This opens up a space that allows bacteria to accumulate between the filling and your natural tooth, leading to more serious dental issues in the future.

Quality and Strict Attention to Detail 

The longevity and success rate of composite restorations depends largely on the skills of the practitioner. In order to seal the filling securely to your tooth, it’s crucial that your mouth is dry when we apply the composite. We use the Isodry system, which effectively isolates the teeth we’re working on, keeps the area dry, and dramatically enhances the success rate of composite restorations.

While amalgam has been used successfully for many years, we prefer to use tooth-colored fillings because they conserve tooth structure and blend well with natural teeth. With Dr. Henry’s attention to detail and ability to keep the treatment area dry and isolated, we can greatly enhance the longevity of composite restorations.

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Our goal is to help keep your teeth healthy and intact for a long time. The services we provide like natural white fillings allow us to easily achieve the important goal of having you leave our office with a smile that's healthier than when you arrived!

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