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Potential Issues with Same-Day Crowns

This patient came to us because she didn't like the look of her front tooth. She said the crown was done the same day in her previous office and it doesn't match her other teeth. We recommended to replace the crown with lab-made porcelain crown and she agreed to give it a shot.

After we removed the existing crown, we found various dark stains that we were able to remove. We went through the process of a regular crown and waited for the crown to return from the lab while patient had a temporary crown. When everything was done, patient was very happy with the look of the new crown and we are glad to have made a difference!

One-day crowns are certainly convenient, but there're a few compromises. In order to make the crown in the office you are limited to materials that are weaker. These material may not be strong enough for the back teeth. Crowns made by the lab are always going to look better than a crown made in office because they have the ability and time to stain, glaze, and add porcelain to the crown for translucency effect. We love the idea of same day crowns and we will acquire the technology when we do not have to make any sacrifice to the quality of the crowns.

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