Due to these uncertain times our office is temporarily closed from 03/18/2020 to 03/29/2020. While we have every intention to return March 30th we are unsure if this date will stand. Please keep up with us on Facebook and via email for any updates. Thank you for your understanding and take care!
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You look really young, how old are you?

Dr. Huang | Glenmont, NYPlease don't ever feel awkward to ask me this question because people ask me all the time.  My wife and I have been living and breathing for more than 34 years even though we don't look anywhere close to 34 years old.  We have been practicing dentistry for 8 years.  During these years, we attended many continued education courses, found the best dental products, and worked with the most amazing people to bring you our modern dental office.  We have learned the newest techniques and incorporate the newest technology into our practice to ensure you receive the best treatments.  We are very confident in our dentistry and our smile gallery, blog case studies, and reviews are there to back us up.  We also work with some of the best specialists in the area and can refer you to the specialist for specific treatments.  We welcome you to visit the office, take a tour, and meet us so we can answer any questions you may have.  

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