Crowns & Bridges in Glenmont, NY

At our Glenmont dental office, your healthy smile is our first priority. But we also know how important it is for you to feel good about your smile and to know you are presenting a friendly, confident appearance to others. That’s why we offer solutions like attractive, durable dental crowns that restore the health of your smile and enhance your appearance. 

A dental crown is a restoration that fits over a damaged tooth and strengthens and protects it from further damage. Damaged teeth aren’t just unattractive – they make it difficult to eat and speak comfortably. A dental crown serves the important purpose of restoring your tooth to its full function and eliminating these uncomfortable problems. Since you essentially have a "new" tooth, a crown also allows you to smile with confidence again.

Why Do I Need a Crown?

We would suggest the placement of a dental crown for any one of a number of reasons. In most cases, we use crowns to restore function to a damaged tooth. Because crowns enclose the entire tooth, so they can also be used for esthetic purposes.

Here are some instances where a crown may be an effective solution:

  • Repairing a tooth severely damaged by decay that cannot be repaired with a filling.
  • Strengthening a tooth after a root canal 
  • Protecting a large amalgam filling from fracturing
  • Improving the shape of uneven teeth 
  • Fixing gaps between teeth
  • Correcting the appearance of severely stained teeth

What’s Involved With Getting a Crown?

During your first appointment, Dr. Henry will start by altering the shape of your natural tooth to accommodate your new crown. Next, we’ll make a mold using an impression of the prepared tooth. The mold will then be sent to a dental lab where your customized crown is created.

Before you leave, we’ll provide you with a temporary crown that you’ll wear for about two to three weeks while your permanent crown is being prepared. When we receive the finished crown, we’ll have you return. We’ll adjust the crown for a customized fit, then cement it onto your tooth. Dental crowns cost more than a filling, and this is because the process requires more time, more steps, more materials, and the involvement of a dental lab. 

Do You Offer Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Yes, for molars and premolars, our dental practice has a convenient and reliable same-day dental crown option. We use 3-D technology to scan the size and shape of the tooth and upload it into our software. Your crown will be milled out of durable ceramic and shade to match your natural teeth. Same-day crowns forego the need for temporary crowns and an additional trip to the dental office for a final crown-fitting.
At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we believe in shared decision-making. We’ll present the reasons why a crown is needed, the benefits, and what’s involved. Then we’ll answer your questions and help you decide on the direction of your treatment. Our responsibility is to make you aware of your options, but we fully respect your decision.

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Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic where we connect a series of teeth together to replace missing teeth in between the connected teeth. The use of dental bridges has more recently been replaced by the advancement of dental implants if the patient is healthy enough and wants a longer-lasting solution to missing teeth.

In most situations, a dental implant is preferred over a bridge because of many disadvantages with bridges:

  • Teeth will be connected with a bridge, this means the fate of every tooth is connected. If one tooth has a problem, the whole bridge has a problem.
  • The bridge requires other teeth to be cut down significantly to be used as anchors.
  • The bridge is hard to maintain because you can't floss through it.

There are special circumstances where a bridge can be a better option when compared to a dental implant:

  • Some insurances will only cover a bridge and not an implant. Patients will sometimes choose the bridge due to having significant financial savings.
  • If the teeth next to the missing space already require crowns, doing a bridge will be a more efficient option to fix multiple issues.

If you have missing teeth, please come in for a consultation and we would be happy to go over your options with you for removable prosthesis, a bridge, or an implant.

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Dr. Henry has years of experience in placing beautiful, durable dental restorations. He continues to learn everything he can about the latest dental technology, materials, and procedures, so you can always expect to receive the highest quality dental care possible.

We welcome the opportunity to show you the difference that considerate care and attention to detail can make. Contact our Glenmont dental office for more information or to schedule a convenient consultation.