Complete Dentures in Glenmont, NY

Are you anxious to replace missing teeth but hesitate because you’re afraid that dentures will look fake and obvious? This is a common misconception, but today we design beautiful dentures that are fully customized to fit well, look natural, and complement your appearance.

Dentures That Look Like Natural Teeth

You don’t have to sacrifice your appearance and confidence to enjoy teeth that function properly. Your dentures will be made at a dental lab by trained technicians who are skilled in crafting artificial teeth that look as close to natural teeth as possible. We can provide you with choices of different denture teeth shades and shapes to complement your facial features, skin tone, and even hair color.  Each artificial tooth is placed individually, allowing for all the natural variations that occur with natural teeth. This ensures that your new dentures don’t look fake or one-size-fits-all. 

As we go through the process, we’ll create a mockup of your new dentures so you can see exactly what they’ll look like when finished. This allows you to make changes to the positioning, shade, and even size of the teeth. This extra step means that you’re in control of the outcome and we can help you achieve the exact results you’re looking for.

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How Complete Dentures Work at our Ravena, NY Office

If you require full mouth extractions due to severe tooth decay or gum disease, dentures will be your best replacement option. The upper part of a complete denture creates a suction effect with your palate and will stay in place when made correctly. Lower dentures don’t have the suction effect but should remain stable in the mouth.

After you get your new dentures in Ravena, you’ll experience an adjustment period – everyone does. You’ll need to get used to the new feel and learn to speak and eat with the dentures in place. But after you’ve spent some time with them, you’ll see that wearing dentures is as easy as wearing your glasses. 

We Support You Through the Process

Like many people, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when facing the prospect of having new dentures placed. But you can rest assured that our dentists be with you to guide you through the entire process and answer your questions. You have every right to feel confident and in control of your treatment, and we respect whatever decision you make. 

Are you missing several teeth or living with the discomfort of older dentures that fit poorly and don’t look natural? Please give our Glenmont dental office a call. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation so you can take the first step to a healthier, more beautiful smile.