Dental Implants in Glenmont, NY

A lady hiding her teeth while talking to a friend in GlenmontAre missing teeth causing you to hide your smile when talking to others or when taking photos? Do you find yourself avoiding your favorite foods because of the discomfort of not being able to chew properly? Perhaps speaking clearly has become difficult due to the changing shape of your smile. 

You don't have to live with the discomfort and embarrassment of an incomplete smile. At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we offer dental implant restorations, a tooth replacement option that allow you to eat, laugh, and speak with confidence. In the past 25 years, dental implants have proven to be the most effective option for replacing missing teeth, and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry estimates that as many as three million Americans now have dental implants. 

A dental implant feels very much like a natural tooth, won’t get a cavity, and, if cared for properly, may last a lifetime. If you are missing one or multiple teeth in Glenmont and are ready for a positive change in your life, call us for a dental implant consultation! At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we know how important a full smile is, for both cosmetic and health reasons.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement. What makes them different from other tooth replacement options is that they fuse to your jaw bone and replace your tooth root. They look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth; in fact, most patients forget they even have a dental implant! The best part is that when you smile, your dental implant won't stand out or look any different than its surrounding teeth. 

The dental implant process consists of a think titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone, where it fuses after a few months. Once the healing process is complete, Dr. Huang Henry will place an abutment over the implant, followed by a tooth restoration prosthetic like a dental crown.

While there are many different tooth replacement options, only one mimics your natural tooth. No other tooth replacement can stimulate bone growth, stop bone recession, prevent facial sagging, and stop neighboring teeth from shifting. While no one wants to have missing teeth, dental implants are as close to natural teeth as you can get.

An illustration of a dental implant in Glenmont, NY

The Dental Implant Process at our Glenmont Office

Unlike other replacement options such as bridges or dentures, dental implants act as a replacement root. The implant is a small titanium post that’s surgically placed in your jaw by an oral surgeon.

We’ve built strong relationships with top specialists in the Glenmont, NY area and will communicate with your surgeon to ensure a smooth implant process. After the implant is placed, it integrates completely with the bone and tissue surrounding it in a process called osseointegration. Since the implant virtually becomes part of your mouth, it is a durable and stable base for the restoration to which it will be attached.

Once healing is complete, Dr. Henry will attach an abutment to the implant. This piece acts as a connector, securing the root portion of the implant to the dental implant crown. An accurate impression of your mouth will be taken and sent to a trusted local dental lab where your new crown is created. The crown is customized just for you and is the final part of the implant that is visible in your mouth. We can also use dental implants to secure full and partial dentures and bridges.

Advantages of Dental ImplantsA Smiling Man with Dental Implants

There really are no limits to the way dental implants can have a positive impact on your life. Dental implants have become so popular because they provide many benefits, including:

  • You’ll look better, which will restore your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Dental implants allow you to speak clearly and confidently, which can sometimes be difficult with dentures
  • With their stable design, you’ll be able to eat the foods you love, even hard or chewy foods!
  • Since implants are so durable, they provide a long-term solution, with proper care they will last a lifetime
  • Implants feel more natural than bridges or dentures; you never have to worry about them slipping or falling out

Many of our Ravena patients cannot speak highly enough about dental implants. They can and will change your life, for the better.

Give our Bethlehem Town Family Dental office a call today to learn more about changing your life.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

We want all our Glenmont patients to be able to access the life-changing procedure that is dental implants. Enhancing the look of your smile by filling in gaps not only restores your self-confidence, but it also keeps your mouth healthy and protects your remaining teeth. Dental implants improve your bite function, so you can go back to eating healthy and nutritious meals without fear of implants falling out or shifting.

When you smile, no one will be able to pick out which tooth is a dental implant. Our Glenmont dental implants can restore your quality of life and more ways than one. Dr. Henry can determine your candidacy after your first dental implant evaluation. If there are any impediments, including jawbone erosion or deterioration, or insufficient space between your upper gum and sinus, Dr. Henry may recommend bone grafting or a sinus lift.

If your tooth has been missing for a while, and your bone has started to recede, don't be concerned that this may disqualify you. We can work around most oral obstacles, no matter how unique your dental situation might be. Dr. Henry and his highly trained staff are proficient and experienced implant dentistry professionals who will find solutions that fit your oral health care needs.

Implant dentistry is highly regarded as a permanent tooth replacement option, and it is an exciting field for trained professionals. Let your Glenmont dental experts guide you through the beneficial process of restoring your smile. Nothing makes Dr. Henry and his dental team happier than being able to improve the lives of our patients.

We know that this surgical procedure can be a monumental decision, and we are proud to be considered as your first option for high-quality implant dentistry in Glenmont. At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, our results are always dramatic and consistent. Our patients deserve industry-leading technology and expertise, along with gentle and compassionate care.

Call Us to Learn More about Dental Implants in Glenmont, NY

If you’re considering your options for tooth replacement, we’ll be happy to talk to you about dental implants.

Dental implants are very effective for many people, but we won’t know if they’re right for you until we perform a thorough exam. You probably have a lot of questions about the dental implant process. We want you to have all the information you need to make a decision that you feel comfortable making an educated and informed decision that will change your life.

We’ll be happy to thoroughly discuss all of your options and guide you toward the one that is just right for you. Please call our Bethlehem Town Family Dental office at (518) 776-4939 or schedule an appointment online, and we’ll help you arrange a convenient consultation.

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