Children's Dentistry in Glenmont, NY

At BKid smiling at children's dentist in Glenmont, NYethlehem Town Family Dental, we’re happy to provide a true family dentistry environment where we’re able to treat both children and adults. The majority of dental offices see adults, but not everyone can handle the specific needs of children.

It takes a special touch to make your child’s dental experience positive. Dr. Henry and our team know how to put kids at ease and make every visit an enjoyable adventure. We know that each child is unique, and we allow them to get comfortable with us at their pace. We don’t undertake any serious treatment until we know your child feels safe and secure. 

Putting Your Child at Ease

After years of treating kids, we’ve developed several “tricks” for putting them at ease during dental visits.

  • First, we offer safe nitrous oxide gas to help your child relax. Nitrous oxide is one of the safest and mildest types of sedation available. It is very effective and the results last only as long as we administer the gas. Your child will not “go to sleep,” just feel a little drowsy and relaxed so we can work efficiently. 
  • We also have an Isodry system that gently holds your child’s mouth open during treatment. Their jaws won’t get fatigued, and we have easy access to their teeth. It also keeps the area dry, which is important for creating long-lasting fillings.
  • Finally, we have ceiling-mounted TVs to distract in all our treatment rooms. As you know, this is a very effective way to keep your child occupied!

Using all three methods, we can help redirect your child’s attention from the dentistry and keep their focus elsewhere. These techniques have proven to be very effective, allowing us to work quickly and reduce the amount of time your child needs to spend in the dental chair.

We’re often able to administer local anesthesia without your child feeling anything. If we do find very small cavities, we may be able to use nitrous to allow us to fill these teeth without using any local anesthetic at all.

Your Child’s First Visit at Our Glenmont Dental Practice

We recommend that you bring your child to see us as soon as their first tooth grows in. At this early age, we just want to allow your child to get used to their new surroundings. We’ll talk to you about proper oral hygiene techniques and the steps you can take to ensure good oral health.

If your child is receptive, we’ll take a look at their teeth to check for signs of any obvious problems. During this exam, we can help your child relax by using the knee-to-knee position, where your child stays in your lap facing you while we examine their teeth. After the first visit, we recommend a routine exam and cleaning every six months.

The Best Possible Dental Care for Your Child

Our general dentists strive to provide you and your family with the most comprehensive dental care available. You deserve the very best, which is why we’ve worked to develop strong relationships with local dental specialists.

There are a couple of situations where we may choose to refer you to a pediatric dentist. If your child refuses to wear the nitrous oxide nose mask, resists the Isodry mouthpiece, or simply refuses to sit in the dental chair, we would usually refer you to a pediatric dentist, where they’re better equipped to provide deeper sedation, if necessary.  

Schedule an Appointment at our Glenmont Office

Please give Bethlehem Town Family Dental a call, and we’ll be happy to arrange your child’s next appointment. We would love to show you how our caring team and gentle approach can have a positive effect on your child’s current and future oral health!