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What happens when you need a new filling to replace an old one?

April 25, 2017
Posted By: Henry Huang
Dental Sealants in Feura Bush, NY

What happens when you need a new filling to replace an old one? 

A new patient came in from Selkirk NY for a new patient exam, cleaning, and necessary x-rays.  Upon our examination, we found an old composite filling that is failing:

- the old filling is peeling away from the tooth, also called open margin

- the old filling has more decay underneath it, also called recurrent decay

- the old filling is flat and does not contour to the natural shape of the tooth

After our examination, we recommended a new filling for the tooth and the patient happily agreed.  Patient came in on a separate appointment to have the filling replaced.  The old filling was removed and we found extensive decay underneath it.  Fortunately, we were able to remove the decay without exposing the nerve.  The new filling was then placed into the tooth and we contoured the filling to match the natural shape of the tooth.  At the end, we made sure the filling wasn't high to the bite and polished it.  

Patient saw the difference with our intra-oral pictures taken by our intra-oral cameras and was very happy with the results.  We were so thrilled to have made a difference and will continue the good work for all of our patients!  

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