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Improvements in Modern Dentures

June 15, 2016
Posted By: Bethlehem Family Dental
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If you are looking for quality dentures in Ravena, NY, you probably have some questions about how they will fit, feel, and function.

Modern Dentures

Most patients have images of grandma’s dentures in a glass by the bed and their artificial, boxy appearance. You may also remember your grandparents using sticky adhesive pastes to keep them in place. We want you to erase that image from your mind. Modern dentures have come a long way in appearance and comfort since the time of grandma and grandpa.

We understand a lot more about the jaw and how it functions than dentists did even a few decades ago. This knowledge allows us to create dentures that function well with your bite and stay where they are supposed to – in your mouth. Today, we have another secret weapon against ill-fitting dentures. We can secure them in place with a few dental implants to give you greater confidence and comfort when it comes to wearing them.

Your dentures do not have to look fake or bulky. We know that your appearance is important to you and today’s denture teeth come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that they match your bone structure, gender, and facial features. We can make them look very natural, giving you greater confidence in your appearance.

Denture Consultations in Ravena NY

Denture teeth have an almost unlimited number of color options and even have realistic shading, just like natural teeth, so that you can feel confident when you smile and laugh – some of the best things in life! 

We will help guide you toward a choice that will look great on you and provide you with more varied dietary options because eating healthy!

We welcome you to schedule a dentures consultation in our Ravena, NY dental office where we offer full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-retained dentures to meet your teeth replacement needs.

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