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Molar Filling

February 10, 2017
Posted By: Henry Huang
Selkirk NY Dentist

We are posting a case here to show you what a cavity and a filling on a molar tooth looks like with our tooth-colored fillings.  Picture 1 below shows a small cavity that was opened up by a drill.  Before we opened it up, it was mimicking a stain in the grooves.  However, with the help of our decay detection camera CamX Spectra, we were able to pinpoint this "stain" as decay and get to work.  Picture 2 below shows the tooth filled with tooth-colored filling material, also called composite.  Making it look like nothing happened is our treatment goal and now the tooth is cavity free!

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Picture 1 - Before

Molars and Fillings Selkirk NY

Picture 2 - After

Dental Fillings Glenmont NY

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