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Problem Solved!

July 26, 2017
Posted By: Henry Huang
 Tooth-Colored Fillings Glenmont NY

We haven't posted a case study for a while so we are going to do some catching up!  From the picture below (image 1), the x-ray shows us 2 particular problems: 



Image 1

Tooth Colored Fillings Glenmont NY

1. Red circle shows cavity, or decay, on the root surface of the molar tooth, this is quite hard to reach because it's deep and below the gum.  

2. Blue circle shows an old silver, or amalgam, filling that has an overhang.  A filling overhang is where the filling material extruded out of the tooth and onto the gum, this problem will cause the gum to be chronically inflamed and sore.  

In order to solve those problems, we carefully removed the cavity, or decay, from the top surface, without exposing the pulp.  If the pulp was exposed, patient would need a root canal therapy.  While the area is opened, we also went to the tooth next door and removed the overhang of the silver filling to improve gum health.  At the end, we isolated the tooth that had the decay and carefully filled the tooth back up so the filling is flushed to the tooth.  Image 2 below shows the x-ray after and you can see both fillings are now flushed to the tooth with no protrusion or overhang.  We are glad this case worked out well and patient was happy.  

Image 2

Tooth Colored Fillings Glenmont NY


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