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February 10, 2016
Posted By: Henry Huang

At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we do the best we can to help patients solve their teeth-related problems.  Since we have before and after x-ray images of this case, we would like to show everybody what we did.

Image 1 - X-ray image before treatment.

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Image 2 - X-ray image showing various issues:

  • The red circle shows root decay, which means cavity on the root surface.  These cavities are very hard to treat as they go much deeper than regular cavities and are often below the gum.
  • The orange circle shows evidence of calculus, the stone build up that attaches to the teeth and causes periodontal disease.  These stones are underneath the gum.
  • The blue circle shows a broken portion of an old filling that results in open space between the two teeth.  This can become very irritating because food gets trapped in it all the time.

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Image 3 - X-ray image after completing composite (tooth - colored) fillings and deep cleaning

  • The red circle shows the previous decay is all removed and the cavity was filled with composite filing.  The filling is flushed to the tooth to allow proper cleaning and flossing.  
  • The orange circle shows the calculus, or stone build up, are all removed with deep cleaning, now the gum in these areas can begin to recover.

dental cleaning glenmont ny


Image 4 - X-ray image after completing composite (tooth - colored) filings.

  • The blue circle shows the composite filling is completed and the open space is now closed and food won't get trapped in there anymore.  

dental filling glenmont ny

We understand the X-ray images are difficult to read for patients, which is why we tried to use visual aids to pinpoint the problem and the solution.  We are glad we were able to solve these problems for the patient and the patient was very happy as well. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call our Glenmont, NY dental office today!

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