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Tips for Chewing with Dentures

August 16, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Henry Huang
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Dentures in Glenmont, NY are an excellent way to restore your bite and your confidence. And, because we rely on quality materials to fabricate our dentures, you’ll enjoy a beautiful and natural-looking smile that is also functional.

However, any change takes some getting used to, especially a prosthesis.

Acclimating to Dentures in Glenmont, NY

If you’re new to dentures, there is definitely a breaking-in period. You need time to get accustomed to your new prosthetic. And it’s about more than eating. You now have a complete set of teeth attached to dental plates or arches. This takes some getting used to.

Your dentist recommends taking it slowly and starting with a softer diet as your gums adapt to dentures.

In the first weeks, consider mashed potatoes, soups, oatmeal, and more pureed type dishes. After a few weeks, you can try adding pasta, cooked veggies, and meats to your diet.

As you move into stickier or firmer dishes, start by eating alone, practicing and seeing what works best for you. It may be that you need to cut your food into smaller portions for a while.

Tips for Eating with Dentures

Once you have acclimated to wearing dentures and incorporating new foods, you may discover a few tricks like chewing on both sides.

It is a habit to chew on one side and move to the other. With dentures, it is best to chew on both sides at the same time. This prevents rocking and dislodging your denture.

We also recommend sipping on a beverage while eating to keep your mouth moist. This helps you to better break up foods like bread or other chewy textures.

Implant-Supported Dentures for Added Stability

As mentioned, getting used to dentures is a learning curve. But for those looking for a more stable solution from the start, we offer implant-supported dentures in Glenmont, NY. This means your dentist implants four to six replacement roots to secure your denture. With this option, you’ll never have to worry about stability, adhesives, or relines.

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