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What are dentures made of?

Dentures in Delmar, NY, are dental appliances that replace missing teeth, and we primarily characterize them because they are removable from your mouth. Complete dentures replace an entire row of teeth to fit over an entire jaw, while partial dentures restore between one and several teeth with adjacent natural teeth.

Denture Structure Framework

We typically divide dentures into two parts, the dental restoration and the underlying framework. The top portion is the artificial teeth portion made from a special plastic called acrylic resin. This type of plastic is safe and durable while also being lightweight. Acrylic is also cost-effective.

The acrylic restorations are attached to the dental framework that provides structure and fit. For a complete denture, this framework will likely be a plastic plate that adheres to your palate and gums. Partial dentures may use a variety of frameworks, including metal wireframes that have attachments to secure your partial to nearby healthy teeth.

Denture Lifespan

While the acrylic resin is durable, your everyday biting and chewing will eventually wear down your artificial teeth portion, causing bite and alignment issues. In some instances, your dentist will be able to repair your existing dentures to correct their fit and function.

A good rule of thumb is that you may need to replace your dentures every five to ten years if you properly maintain them.

Dentures Made in Delmar, NY

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