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How do I clean my dentures?

Much like your natural teeth, your dentures require regular maintenance for you to maintain good oral health. Because we offer dentures to replace lost teeth, you can be assured that food debris will build upon them both in look and function. In Glenmont, NY, routine removal of this build-up will keep your dentures looking and feeling great.

Daily Denture Maintenance

When you remove your dentures, rinse them thoroughly with warm, clear water. Then, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive denture cleaner, you’ll gently brush all denture surfaces to catch any leftover food particles. Finally, we recommend you rinse your dentures again and place them in a container or glass for safe-keeping.

Periodic Deep-Cleaning Is a Good Idea

Due to the accumulation of unseen bacteria and debris, we recommend using a deep-cleaning soaking solution to address what remains after daily cleanings. These are usually in tablet form and are specially designed to be safe for dentures. After you’ve finished soaking your dentures for the recommended period, you should rinse them very well to avoid any mouth irritation caused by the leftover cleaner.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Dentures

  • Avoid stiff-bristled brushes
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners
  • No cleaners with bleach
  • Definitely don’t soak in very hot or boiling water.

Denture Health in Glenmont, NY

If you have questions about caring for any of your dental appliances, Bethlehem Town Family Dental is more than happy to answer and address your concerns. So give us a call today.

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