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Why don't you offer same-day crowns?

Same-Day Crowns | Glenmont, NYThe idea behind same day crowns is awesome and we are very excited about the concept behind this technology.  However, there are major drawbacks based on the technology that is available today with same day crowns and we have outlined our concerns below:

Drawbacks to Same-Day Crown Technology

The technology behind same-day crowns is unable to effectively use the latest dental materials such as Zirconia.  Zirconia material was recently introduced and have shown to have much stronger strength while maintaining good esthetics when compared to other dental materials.  Due to its strength, we are also able to make it thinner so we don't have to cut down as much tooth structure.  Zirconia material requires several hours of firing inside an oven to achieve its regular strength and esthetic.  Unless you would like to camp and do a sleepover inside a dental office, it's not feasible to wait several hours. 

The zirconia crowns that are fabricated under same-day crown technology had to find compromises to shorten the wait time.  By reducing the firing time inside the oven significantly, Zirconia material will lose strength and/or esthetics.  We can also choose other dental materials for same day crown, but they are not as strong as zirconia and require us to cut down more of your teeth.  

We Won't Compromise on Your Dental Care

We have not adopted the same day crown technology because we do not want to compromise on the strength or esthetic of our crowns.  This is why we use a dental laboratory, who specializes in digital dentistry, to make our crowns.  They receive the scan we take from our intra-oral scanner, design the crown or bridge, and go through the necessary time it takes to fabricate the beautiful and strong crown or bridge, which could be several hours.  This allows us to provide our patients with the best dental product available today.  

Let us be clear that we love new technology and we are intrigued by the same day crown concept, but we refuse to compromise on our dental work for convenience.  If a new technology emerges in the future that can utilize zirconia or other new dental material efficiently and effectively, we will be more than happy to acquire the technology.  


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