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How is your office environmentally friendly?

Image of couple riding their bikes in the forest | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NYNo Silver Fillings​

We do not use any amalgam (silver) fillings in the office so we do not introduce more mercury into the environment.  Any old amalgam (silver) filling, placed by other dentists, that's removed from patient's teeth are captured by a mercury trap so we do not leak any mercury into the environment. 

Dry Pump System Reduces Water Waste

We use a dry pump system to supply our air and suction, this means we significantly reduce the amount of water we utilize and conserve energy.

Digital X-Rays Reduce Harsh Chemicals

Our office has digital x-rays.  We do not use any conventional x-rays so we avoid the use of harsh chemicals like developer and fixer for films.  Modern technology and equipment ensure less energy consumption.  (The LED light bulbs help too!)

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