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How long does a root canal take?

Root canal treatment can take up to an hour, depending on the severity and complexity of the canal infection.

A root canal is the method your Glenmont, NY, dentist uses to rid your tooth’s root of painful infection. It is designed to save your tooth and ease your pain.

If you need a root canal, we perform it under general anesthesia, meaning you’ll not feel pain. The process involves extracting the infection, rinsing the canal, and closing with a temporary filling. Then, we typically cap the tooth with a dental crown at a later visit.

Remember, it is the tooth infection that causes pain and the root canal treatment that eradicates it!

Signs You Need a Root Canal in Glenmont, NY

Unless your root infection is emerging or in the earliest stages, you’ll likely present with severe toothache and swelling. Sometimes you may notice a blister or bump on the gum near the painful tooth.

Seeking dental care is urgent to prevent infection spread and tooth loss.

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