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Why don't you do silver fillings anymore?

Image of patient about to undergo treatment | Bethlehem Town Family Dental | Glenmont, NYSilver fillings, also called amalgams, have been placed for decades and have served their purpose in dentistry.  However, there are a few fundamental problems with silver fillings:

  • They continue to introduce mercury into the environment.  Patients are also generally concerned about mercury exposure.  
  • They do not actually adhere to tooth structure, which means they only physically sit there in the cavity space.  This results in an abundance of fractures caused by large silver fillings.
  • They don't look very good and they can even stain your teeth dark.  
  • Patients don't typically want to put more metals in their mouth.  

How We Solved the Problem

With the recent advancement in resin composite material, also called tooth - colored fillings, we are able to solve all the above problems.  Tooth - colored fillings are very technique sensitive and new technology and products continue to be developed.  Dr. Henry only uses tooth - colored fillings and has been placing them for years.  He always keep up with the most recent technology and techniques to ensure the fillings are placed properly.  We strongly believe tooth - colored fillings are the future of dentistry.  Please visit our "Tooth - Colored Fillings" page and our smile gallery for more information. 

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