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What’s the best way to clean dentures?

Dentures and partials in Glenmont, NY restore function and aesthetics when some or all of your teeth are missing. Because they play such an essential role in your day-to-day life, keeping them in excellent condition is crucial.

Part of denture care includes keeping your prosthetic clean and free from bacteria. We recommend a denture bath for overnight soaks. You can also add a cleaning tablet to the bath to help get rid of bacteria. Your denture bath water should be room temperature—not too hot or too cold.

You can also brush your denture with a denture toothbrush and cleaning polish. It’s essential to use a denture toothbrush and paste because traditional brushes and fluoride toothpaste can scratch your prosthetic.

All products—denture bath, cleaning tablets, denture toothbrush, and polish—can be purchased in your local drugstore.

Besides these tips, you can also take your denture or partial to the dentist for a professional cleaning.

Other recommendations for keeping your denture or partial in top shape include talking to your dentist if the prosthetic cracks, becomes damaged, or is no longer fitting properly.

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