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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Nitrous Oxide Sedation

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Patient education is an essential part of the services we provide at Bethlehem Town Family Dental. When you understand the impact that your oral health can have on your life, you’re more likely to be proactive about dental care. 

Nobody expects you to know everything about dentistry, which is why we’re available to answer all your questions. The more information you have, the better prepared you are to make important decisions when the time comes.  All the answers below are written by our team instead of some template that is used by hundreds of other dental offices.  

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

man smiling in dental exam chair I sedation dentistry glenmont ny Nitrous oxide gas, also called laughing gas, is a very mild sedative gas that acts within minutes.  The gas does not put the patient to sleep, it simply relaxes the patient and makes them happier.  

Nitrous Oxide vs. IV Sedation

Patients often confuse nitrous oxide gas sedation with IV sedation, these are not the same.  Nitrous oxide gas sedation is best used on anxious patients that are concerned about the local anesthetic injections, concerned about the loud sounds of dental procedures, or for pediatric patients.  If patients require further sedation we will refer them to the right specialists for IV sedation.  

The Effects of Nitrous Oxide

While you are under the effect of nitrous oxide gas, you will feel less anxious, happier, and you may laugh at silly things such as the shows on TV that we have installed on the ceiling.  You may feel some tingling in the fingers and toes, sleepiness, and "funny", these are all normal responses.  If you feel light-headed or nauseated, we will turn the gas down to ensure your comfort.  After the procedure is completed, the gas will take a few minutes to leave the body and you will feel normal again.  Using the gas does not hinder you from driving or perform normal daily activities.  You do not have to ask a friend or relative to accompany you unless you are under 18.  Please visit our nitrous oxide gas page for more information and give us a call if you have any concerns.  

Dental Anxiety | Glenmont, NYFear of dentists is very common and nothing to be embarrassed about. The reasons for feeling anxious are different for everyone, but we’ve got the solution you need, whatever your concern.

Fear of the Unknown or Loss of Control

We’ll take time with you to explain what we’re doing every step of the way. Just knowing what’s happening around you can do a lot to restore your sense of control.  During the procedure, we will stop at almost any time when you express concerns and address them.  We want you to know that you do have control during your dental procedure.  

Fear of Injections

First, we always start with a topical anesthetic before the injection to make sure the surface area is numb. Next, we’ll administer the injection very slowly and gently to reduce the pain sensation. Distractions like our ceiling-mounted TVs are helpful, and we can also administer nitrous oxide gas during the injection phase to help you relax.

Fear of Injury

We use the Isodry system that helps keep your mouth open and blocks the tongue and the cheek to prevent accidental injury. It also forms a stop at the back of the mouth to prevent anything from going down the throat.  

Fear of Drilling Sound

We have purchased the top of the line dental handpieces (drill) and the new technology has reduced the drill sound significantly.  However, because the drill is operated by air pressure, most likely there will still be sound present when we work.  With our ceiling-mounted TVs, the sound from the TV should distract you from the drilling sound.  You are also allowed to bring in earphones to play your favorite music if the TVs don't work for you.  

General Dental Anxiety

We’ve found that nitrous oxide is very effective in these cases, and you can choose to have the nitrous on for the entire procedure. We have also found some mild sedative medications may help in conjunction with nitrous oxide gas.  The sedative medications can be prescribed by your physician. 

Most importantly, we encourage you to come in and meet Dr. Huang. You will be pleasantly surprised to find he's not scary or intimidating at all!  

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