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Removing White Spots and One Crown Fabrication

This patient came to us unhappy about her white spots she gotten after braces were taken off years ago around her front teeth. One of the front tooth has gotten worse and developed some decay. She wanted to know what can be done without spending a fortune. We recommended a crown for the tooth with the worst white spot and decay. For the rest of the shallower white spots, we decided to shave the external enamel slightly and see if the white spots will come off. White spots, or deminerlization zones, are mostly deposited on the outermost surface of the enamel and slight removal of the enamel surface has the chance of removing them. Patient was happy to hear there's something we can do about it without spending a fortune and wanted us to proceed with the plan. After the crown is done and the enamels are shaved slightly, we were able to remove most of the white spots and give patient a much better smile. Patient was very happy with the results and we are glad we were able to help!
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