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Close The Gap Between Front Teeth

This patient came to us for routine care and during the exam she informed us she's not happy with her gap between the front teeth. There are multiple options to close the space between two front teeth. The most conservative option, but most expensive, is invisalign and move the teeth. Invisalign would prevent any drilling which results in loss of tooth structure and the results would be permanent as long as the retainers are worn every night. Second option would be veneers or crowns. These porcelain restorations would require some drilling and loss of tooth structure, but it would prevent staining and fractures from light pressure. Last but not least, the third option would be composite bondings. Composite, or tooth-colored fillings, will require slight drilling and will be subject to possible staining around the edges of the bonding along with chipping and fractures of the bonding because they are weaker than veneers, crowns, or the tooth itself. This option is the least expensive option, but will not last as long as the other options. After careful consideration, patient picked option 3, composite bonding, because it's the fastest option with the least cost. She will consider other options if option 3 fails. Now that we agreed upon a plan, we went right to work. The composite bondings were completed within an hour appointment, no anesthesia injections were needed. We were able to pick a shade that matched patient's natural teeth shade and patient was very happy with the results.
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