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How We Make Your Children’s Dental Visits Calm and Fun

February 17, 2021
Posted By: Bethlehem Town Family Dental
A smiling boy during a dental visit at Bethlehem Town Family Dental

It’s never too early to start kids on the road to healthy smiles and show them how fun and easy dental visits can be. At Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we recommend bringing your child to see our Glenmont, NY dentist when they get their first tooth.

Your child isn’t likely to need treatment, so their first appointments are the perfect opportunity to let them adjust to the new surroundings at their pace. In the hands of a caring children's dentist, there’s no reason for any child to see dental visits as anything but a fun and interesting adventure.

Children’s Dentistry in Glenmont, NY

Helping your child develop a positive attitude about dental care is one of the most important things we can do for them. Each positive interaction and experience builds upon the last and gradually increases your child’s confidence level. 

With the right kind of gentle support and a few “tricks of the trade” we’ve learned over the years, we help kids develop the skills to become an excellent dental patient as an adult. 

Making Your Child’s Dental Visits Easy and Fun

Every child has a distinctly unique personality, and the best approach is something we can really only determine once we meet them. However, there are practices and methods that our children’s dentist in Glenmont finds very helpful for most children. 

Immerse Them in the Process

Children soak up new information like little sponges, and we take advantage of that natural curiosity when they’re first getting used to dental visits. Every kid gets a thrill when we take them for a spin in the dental chair and loves looking at themselves in the tiny mirror and seeing how "Mr. Thirsty" works.

By letting them proceed at their pace and not pressuring them in any way, we set the stage for happy, positive dental visits.

Safe Nitrous Oxide Helps Kids Relax

One of the best methods for building children up for success with dental visits is using nitrous oxide for gentle sedation. Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is extremely safe and mild, and we administer it at our Glenmont, NY dental office. 

As your child inhales the nitrous, they’ll become very relaxed and comfortable but won’t “go to sleep.” This allows our dentist to work most efficiently and get your little one out of the dental chair faster. When treatment's finished, your child won't remember much, if anything, and can leave us with a big smile on their face.

Isodry System Improves Their Comfort

As an adult, you know how uncomfortable it can be to sitting with your mouth open for long periods. At our Glenmont, NY dental office, we use Isodry, a system that comfortably props your child’s mouth open, so their jaws don’t get fatigued. The system also drys the area and gives us easy access to all their teeth.

Ceiling-Mounted TVs

Every parent knows the value of distraction, and here at Bethlehem Town Family Dental, we do too. Each of our comfortable treatment rooms has ceiling-mounted TVs so your child can watch their favorite cartoon or TV program while we treat them.

Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Dr. Henry Huang and the team at Bethlehem Town Family Dental enjoy helping children develop healthy oral habits and problem-free smiles that last a lifetime. If it’s time to schedule your child’s first dental visit or an older child needs a dental cleaning and exam, please call our Glenmont, NY dental office to schedule an appointment.

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